Evryman Open Source Retreats are weekend experiences that connect men with one another and themselves. Every man who attends a weekend makes a commitment to bring everything he has to support the personal growth of themselves and the group. 

Over the weekend the group works together to create a space which allows for men to be real with themselves and others and gain the support of the group to be the change they seek in their own life.  

Retreats are held in locations close to nature which provides the opportunity for men to connect with the outdoors and escape the noise of our everyday lives. Together we practice being open, real and honest. We eat great food, share some laughs and in the process create friendships and brotherhood that provides the foundation for men to be more.


We challenge you to join a retreat, as many have said, “it will change your life.”

Next Retreat: 

December 1-3, 2017


Race Brook Lodge. Berkshires, Massachusetts 

Sign Up: https://evryman-opensource-retreat.splashthat.com